Journals of a Watcher-in-Training

Andrew Wells
19 October
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Hi, everybody! I'm Andrew, former member of one of Sunnydale, California's most feared . . . well, kind of feared . . . crime syndicates, the Trio. Actually, I'm the only member of the Trio who's still above ground. (Technically, Warren turned to fiery ash and blew away, but, hey, you get my point.) Anyway, I was bad. Original-trilogy Vader bad. But now, I'm good. I'm on the road to redemption, fighting the good fight, all that hooey. I fell in with the Scooby gang, led by none other than Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs, and now I'm fighting with them against the forces of darkness.

Not just that, I'm studying to become a Watcher. Mr. Giles, Buffy's own Watcher, took me under his wing after Sunnydale went "kerplooey." Well, not so much "kerplooey", but more like a "crash! bam! boom!" Maybe sort of a "whoosh." Yeah, most definitely a "whoosh." Anyway, I was in London, studying to be a Watcher, but now I'm back on the Hellmouth in Cleveland, assisting Mr. Giles in a special project for the Watcher's Council. So stay tuned. The adventures of Andrew are far from over.


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